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4 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

August 30, 20234 min read

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Elevate Your Energy: 4 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

I felt like I crashed this past weekend. Have you ever felt that way? I was in a real funk, which finally made me look at what made me feel so crummy.

Coming home from work late Saturday afternoon, I just wanted to sit and stare. Of course, my kitties did not go for that; they wanted all my attention. After a light meal, I ended up tucking in early, and even though I slept okay, I still had lead in my feet when I got out of bed. 

Sunday morning was quiet. I mostly read on the couch and called my daughters, hubby, and mama.

What always gives me energy is doing housework. So I started cleaning. What is better than the smell of clean laundry and the big pile of vacuum cleaner contents in the trash? That evening, I felt better and realized that getting into this weird place of lethargicness is typical for us humans.

Here are 5 reasons why we can get this way:

  1.  Overwhelmed state: Overthinking, stressful days and no real rest or reprieve from this can contribute to your funk. Wanting to be in three places at once. True for me, and add a dose of guilt by choosing work over family.

  2. Repetitive thoughts: Continuously reviewing that list of things to do, making sure you remember everything, or reminiscing over an event that keeps popping up. (Add prepping for traveling in the mix!)

  3. Emotional event: Learning about a sad or disappointing occurrence will shake you up. Life has some curve balls to throw at you when you least expect them. It is not easy to navigate your day with that on your mind.

  4. Poor nutrition: It is like the chicken and the egg; what came first: not eating well and feeling off, or feeling off and not eating correctly. The bottom line is that we need to nourish ourselves with nutritious foods to be clear-minded and content in our bodies.

  5. Lack of Movement: Not moving around during your day will not help your energy levels. 

Feeling funky

So, what to do when you have no energy, puff, or interest in doing ANYTHING?

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings: The first step to overcoming a funk is to recognize and accept the emotions you're experiencing. Denying or suppressing your feelings only prolongs the rut. Instead, allow yourself to feel what you're feeling without judgment. This acknowledgment is the foundation for moving forward. And yes, do allow yourself to cry.

  2. Identify the Triggers: Reflect on what might have triggered your current state. It could be stress, a lack of motivation, or even external factors like the weather. Pinpointing these triggers helps you understand the root cause and enables you to address them effectively. Write down what comes to mind, and talk to a friend.

  3. Small Goals, Big Impact: Setting achievable goals, no matter how small, can create a sense of accomplishment that helps lift your spirits. Start with the basics – making your bed, going for a walk, or tackling a household chore. (boy, I certainly did on Sunday!) These small victories create positive momentum and gradually propel you out of your blues. Gratitude for what is good. Go for a 5-minute walk; you will end up going for 30!

  4. Pay Attention to Your Food: Look to introduce healthier options to your food choices. It could be as simple as trying a new recipe, adding fresh herbs to your meals, and drinking more water. These shifts will help put more interest in your meals and into your day, giving you the benefits of great nutrition.

That roller coaster called 'life' always appears to give us the ups and downs, so knowing this, you can count on things to get better. Hopefully, these thoughts and tips on being in a funky place will get you out of it quicker. 

But above all, give yourself grace and understand that so many factors affect our emotional state. In the end, emerging from a funk isn't just about snapping your fingers and feeling better instantaneously. It's a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and growth. By taking these proactive steps, you'll transcend the funk and develop valuable coping skills that will serve you well in the face of future challenges. So, embrace the process and look forward to the brighter days ahead.

Wishing you patience and grace when you have a weird, funky day, take it easy on yourself.



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Ellen Smith

Ellen is the owner/ founder of European Esthetics, Holistic Wellness Spa in Peterborough, NH. As a licensed Esthetician and certified Holistic Health Coach she uses her years of experience to support women in finding guilt-free time for themselves so that they recharge and re-discover themselves to find clarity and direction.

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